Yes, variations are inherent in all natural stone products and are considered part of their natural characteristics. No two tiles are identical. Consistency of colours, shade, pattern or veining is random and therefore must be expected.

It is always recommended to use a licensed stone mason for application, as there is a wide range of natural stones available that are composed of various minerals, which in turn can affect the application and/or aesthetic look of individual stones. It is important to understand the makeup of these stones to get the best result from using these unique materials. It is therefore most important that the fixer has an understanding of the product prior to application.

The glue requirement will always depend on the selection of stone to be installed, taking into consideration the type of substrate, for example, waterproof membranes, render, etc. Once the stone and the substrate have been determined, an adhesive to suit can be recommended. It is recommended to seek advice from an adhesive company or stone mason.

There are a wide range of glues available on the Australian market to suit varied applications which meet Australian standards AS2358 and AS4992.

It is recommended that most natural stone be sealed, and in some circumstances pre-sealed. Types of sealers and application methods can vary depending on the stone and its intended application. We suggest seeking professional advise prior to sealing.

Natural stone products should not be cleaned with any acid, vinegar or acidic solutions. In all instances, a neutral cleaner is recommended. It is always recommended to seek advice for more specific cleaning needs from sealing manufacturers, etc.

Natural stone displays magnificent aesthetic qualities, and is available in many finishes and textures. As such, this makes it suitable for internal and external situations. Stone products are pleasing to the eye and display a unique characteristic. Stone can also assist in providing a more luxurious feel to an area and in doing so make a property more marketable and therefore valuable.

    The advantages of porcelain backed tiles are:

  • – They are lighter to work with
  • – Thickness of the tiles are consistent regardless of the size
  • – Standard porcelain adhesive is suitable
  • – Waste is minimised due to the stability of the product
  • – A lower water absorption

Natural stone is an excellent conductor of heat and will work over a heated floor element.

Depending on chlorination methods, certain stones may not be suitable. It is best to refer to one of our experienced sales staff for more detailed information.

It is recommended that all natural stones should be sealed.

It is recommended to seek advice from suppliers of all products used for every application.

Marble Plus shall not be liable in any respect for advice provided regarding the fixing, grouting, sealing or cleaning of the tiles