Renovating or creating an entirely new space is an exciting endeavour. However, when selecting materials for your home, you’ll want to ensure they stand the test of time—both in terms of quality and style.

This is what makes natural stone a popular product within homes, as its luxurious finish and natural beauty creates a timeless design.
In this article, we explore some stunning ways you can create a timeless look with some of our most popular natural stone and tile products. We also answer some of your most frequently asked questions regarding the material to help you determine if natural stone or tile is for you.

Creating a Timeless Interior

When some people think of natural stone within a property, they tend to think of it only on the exterior and surrounds. Natural stone firmly belongs within the home too, with bathrooms, kitchens, and living rooms often featuring the timeless material. Porcelain can also create the same luxurious feel.

Carrara White marble or Jurassic Grey porcelain tiles can add elegance to an otherwise stark bathroom or laundry, for example, while multi grey marble provides a gorgeous contrast against natural timbers when used as a kitchen countertop.

When utilized in a living room, natural stone can also add intrigue and boost comfort, while encouraging us to reconnect with nature. Just think about a roaring fire within a stone-clad fireplace; what could be cosier during the winter months?

Creating a Timeless Exterior

Natural stone is also prevalent within the outside areas of a home, particularly within landscaped gardens, under pergolas, or around the pool.

Outdoor entertainment areas can also benefit from porcelain pavers — not just for their aesthetic, but also for their low water absorption, strength, and ease to clean. Plus, with their wide variety of colours and styles, there’s a porcelain tile to suit every outdoor design.

Natural stone is also a popular choice for paving around pools, with Crema Novelda limestone and Classic Travertine commonly making an appearance due to their timeless elegance and ability to withstand harsh natural elements.

What Different Kinds of Natural Stone and Tile are Available?

Marble, bluestone/basalt, travertine, granite, porcelain, cobblestone/crazy pave, and limestone are just some of the types of natural stone and tile on offer.

How do you Clean Natural Stone V Porcelain Tile?

Acid, vinegar, or acidic solutions should not be used to clean natural stone products. In all scenarios, a neutral cleanser is preferred. It’s important to seek guidance from sealing manufacturers for more particular cleaning requirements. The sealing of natural stone is recommended.

Porcelain tile, however, can withstand stronger cleaners and don’t need sealing.

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