Leading Quality Suppliers Of Pavers Brisbane

If you are seeking the very best porcelain and stone pavers in Brisbane, you’ve come to the right place. Marble Plus® has a tantalising range of premium pavers. While we have large stores of quality pavers permanently in stock, our extensive industry network also makes it easier for us to source specific pavers you require.

From one paver to a pallet’s worth, we can supply a broad selection. Our premium stone paver Brisbane include marble, travertine, limestone and granite varieties. Our porcelain pavers in Brisbane comes in a range of neutral colours and finishes.

Whether you are a builder, commercial customer, DIYer or family, our expert staff can help you create sensational outdoor spaces you’ll never want to leave!

What are the Advantages of Porcelain Pavers?

Porcelain pavers are easy to maintain and easier on the budget too. Their non-porous surface keeps them looking fresh and new for a long time. They are durable and weather-resistant, without the need for special treatments. They also come in a wide selection of colours, textures and finishes.

Why Choose Natural Stone Pavers in Brisbane?

While a more expensive option, natural stone pavers are classically beautiful. While they do require regular sealing, to protect them from the elements, they are a durable and versatile choice, with custom textures and highly aesthetic finishes. They are, quite simply, magical in any setting!

Contact us to chat with one of our friendly staff members who would be more than happy to discuss your project and how we can help it achieve amazing results. Our showroom is open from 8am – 5pm Monday to Friday.

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