Buy Best Travertine Tiles in Sydney

For the ultimate in time-honoured beauty, you can’t go past travertine tiles in Sydney. Sydney residents can browse the breathtaking selection of travertine tiles available in our Seven Hills and Salisbury showrooms.

They can be used to create beautiful floors, great for high traffic areas and extreme weather conditions. Much-loved by architects, pool installers, designers and landscapers, these stylish tiles have a naturally weathered look as well as optimum durability.

Choose from crosscut or veincut, Florence, silver, classic tumbled and more, to suit the look and function of your specific project.

Are Travertine Tiles Easy to Look After?

While easy to install, travertine tiles do require some maintenance. Like all porous stone, it’s important to know how to seal and clean travertine properly. However, we have found travertine to be extremely forgiving in areas usually showing up a lot of dust and dirt. Our staff can advise on the best treatments for travertine tiles in Sydney.

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